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Video Game Design

Dome Defender

Work In Progress.

Centipede Level Proof of Concept

After Clicking Start and the Game is Done Loading, Quickly Click Game Screen or Right Click Game Screen To Go Full Screen, Shoot with Space bar, and Move with Arrow Keys Before you are Shot!

You will need to have the free Unity Web Player from to play this game.

Disarm the Spiders


Above is the idea for the centipede level that is being incorporated into this game I am developing called Dome Defender. Though in the beginning stages I find the challenge of hunting down and disarming the hidden spiders interesting and thought it could inspire.

After clicking onto the game screen once the space bar will shoot, arrow keys will move, climb, and fly backwards before being shot around by the first spider. Right mouse clicking on the game screen allows the player an option to go full screen. To end your hunt just close full screen by pressing Esc, then click "Restart", go to another page, or x out.

It is possible to shoot the guns off all of the dug in spiders. I hope you enjoy this roughed out level. As the project continues piece by piece I may update. Over time video games, CGI videos, and toys will be made from these beginnings.

Beware, if you get into range and the spiders pin you in a kill box it is hard to get out. And the deeper lava can get you as well. I suggest quickly shooting that first spider then taking the high ground to see where the rest are.

My thanks to Jason Welsh and the Tornado Twins for providing tutorials.

Thank you,

Troy Metheringham