Details About Airbrushing

Equipment Needed

To complete an airbrushed paint job on a hood of a car follow these 15 steps:

      1. Clean the workshop

      2. Introduce the car hood to the oil and dust free environment

      3. Bring room and the car hood to a temperature between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit
        (higher temperature = faster dry time) with an airflow directing the overspray and fumes out threw a filtered exit

      4. Scuff surface of the car hood in a uniform circular motion that evenly covers the entire hood with a tooth to hold new paint

      5. Clean, degrease (with denatured alcohol or 80 proof and up clear alcohol), and allow to dry

      6. Set pressure level on an air-compressor with an air tank (straight air makes airflow more of a dot pattern) between 20 and
        50 pounds of pressure (pressure varies with paint thickness)

      7. Paint mixed with thinning agent should be a milk like consistency

      8. Decide what to paint

      9. With white paint test your line thickness control and aim on a separate item

      10. Lightly spray a sketch with white for position onto the hood where the highlights of image would lie

      11. Continue with the next darker shade of color in work

      12. Apply the next darker shades until all the colors are applied

      13. Add the black

      14. Fix as needed and add white shines where appropriate
        r m hood
      15. Allow to dry or heat set as paint label directs then clear coat

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Troy Metheringham
May 24, 2011