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Out There

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Out There
By, Troy Leigh Metheringham

Doctor Jacob Sob, a theoretical weapons scientist specializing in accelerated nano printing; technology built off from the combination of George Skidmore, Professor Kumar, and numerous other's work. The genomics, biological, and nano-tech micro machines working as one to breakdown and reprint assets to Doctor Sob's specifications were a breakthrough in cutting edge technology in a world preoccupied with keeping its illusion of control. The printed creations were programed with a scanned neural pathway/mind, capable of alteration, and even written from scratch. An emotional, lapses in judgment, brought on by betrayal took a normally predictable man, and propelled him to his unexpected destiny. The powers that be were concerned. What would a man, potentially capable of turning the world into a ball of grey-goo do? What were his intentions? With a rogue status Doctor Sob was considered a threat. Should he have been neutralized and if so by whom; or should we have worked with him?

Out There

The Straw
Doctor Sob, at work in his heavily guarded top secret office, sat in front of numerous computer monitors. The intently focused man was working on projects he believed would help our world. Doctor Sob, a man with white hair earned from years of dedication to his family and species. The knock at the door did not affect his concentration, "Come in;" he said without looking away from his work. An attractive woman enters the room, smelling of pumpkin pie, and cheerfully went to hand the man a data storage devise, "Here is the flash-drive you requested, Doctor Sob." She said to him, leaning in, as he brushed off her attempt at pleasantries. Doctor Sob said to her without looking up; "Leave it on the desk...Please." Doctor Sob's daughter requested a video chat with him as the woman left the room, leaving her scent on the air. A girl the age of nine appeared on Doctor Sob's main monitor. "Hi Love;" he said to her. "Hi Daddy;" she replied, then, continued to remind him of a Daddy-daughter Halloween dance, that she would very much like him to attend. Doctor Sob could see that his house is still a mess. His daughter wanted him dress as her favorite movie monster, a clown named Creepy. He thought he heard his wife say something in the other room, about not having a reason to stay, while his daughter talked. Doctor Sob concluded his conversation with his daughter by saying; "Don't worry, I received your file on Creepy's costume, and I will see you at the dance. I will be dressed and ready for the first dance of the evening." His daughter replies; "Thank you Daddy, you are the best. Cheer up, It is going to be fun. Bye, love you." The communication ends. Doctor Sob responds to himself; "I love you." His attention snaps back to finding out what his wife said in the kitchen during the conversation with their daughter. Did she say what he thought she said? o_t_0002

Doctor Sob rewound the recorded conversation, zoomed in on his wife's reflection in the kitchen window, and played the video. He filtered out the rest of the sound, he heard her plan to leave him. His wife's words stated how she would be divorcing him sooner than she had been planning. Doctor Sob's wife Karla, told an unknown person on the other end of her phone conversation; "I will not be waiting here as planned, the spineless jellyfish turned down the two million dollars." She dragged hard on her cigarette. She had taken some of his earlier designs to a toy company and shown them his work. They made an offer of two million dollars, and he turned it down. Smoke drifted around her as she took another aggressive hit off of her nerve calmer. Some of the ideas she had shown the toy company had already been developed and were classified top secret. Karla continues saying; "Now that I am not getting half of that money, I don't have any reason to stay here with this clown. You will finally have me all to yourself." Doctor Sob stared at the monitor. His reflection on the screen was showing enough of his betrayed face to see him carefully planning out his next move.

He picked up the data storage device that had been laid upon his desk and put it into the computer. Doctor Sob then commanded his computer to print a project he had in development known as "The White Gloves." Doctor Sob puts the gloves on, Doctor Sob, could from that moment on break down material for the printing of anything that he had a 3d modeled file, downloaded, or sculpted in his mind. All controlled with his Alpha and Beta brain waves. His 3d printed creations can then be programed, with an action script or copy of a brains neural pathways/mind. He first used his gloves abilities to make the costume his daughter had requested. Doctor Jacob Sob programed the additional data into the mask he had printed. The programming sends back alpha and beta brain signals to the wearer. Signals that alter the wearer's personality as programmed. Emotionally blinded, the Doctor had modified the code for use on himself. The trait enhancement program was originally meant for an experimental soldier capable of being printed behind enemy lines for autonomous operation.


As the programed enhancement clarified Doctor Sob's mind toward what it was that was most important for him to achieve, he stated; "I can see clearly now."

The now altered Doctor Sob tested his capabilities. He used material from his desk to print a little dragon capable of flapping its wings.o_t_0005

Needing more mass and programing for his creation, Doctor Sob initiated the testing chamber of his facility. Setting in motion a giant spider he designed, in order to take its top secret software and hardware.o_t_0006
Doctor Sob printed a camcorder to record the close up of his actions. o_t_0007
Doctor Sob records the giant arachnid's attack, which ends by him using his gloves to dissolve the spider, and feed it, as well as its program, to his dragon. o_t_0008
The dragon having assimilated the spider and achieved its full size, Doctor Sob mounted his minion/transportation, tried it out for size, all in preparation to follow through on the plan being devised in his enhanced mind.
Doctor Jacob Sob opened his office door and exited into the hallway. Doctor Sob walked up to the guard at his door, turned, and immediately threw flat black tentacles of nano print processors at a man he had seen every day for the past seven years.
The guard reacted instinctively to no avail. His block was captured and began to be processed into something else before his eyes.
The soldier fought on, shooting through his arm at the wrist in order to escape being processed. Having hit what he aimed at, through his self amputation, the guard watched in disbelief as each round was absorbed by the clown mask. The dragon lunged at the guard's right side; drawing the gun fire directly into the scaly creatures open mouth. The moment was all the masked Doctor needed to turn the guard's shot off hand into a net. Doctor Sob snared the guard in his net, ending the fight.
The guard, dragged into the office of Doctor Jacob Sob, cocooned by nano-factories; watched the approaching response team close in, to help rescue the well decorated soldier. They arrived at the office door while it closed.
The highly trained and experienced team rigged the door with explosives.
The hinges and lock were blown three seconds later. As the door fell from the hinges, two of the positioned and fully armored men fired knock-out gas into the room. What they saw inside the room was smoke being pulled from the air by a dragon being transformed into a steroid-ed-out white tiger. The tiger pulled a TM trademark, shaped like a star, from under its tongue, and holds the star where the tiger's teeth should have been. The seasoned troops paused at the sight of Doctor Jacob Sob dressed as Creepy, a clown most of the soldiers had seen in a movie. He was completing the transformation of the guard into a muscular mass of a hominid. The tactical commander ordered all three of the creatures; "Get on the floor and place your hands where I can see them." The team opened fire, because the tiger began spitting TM stars into each of their masks. All of the response team were rendered unconscious from their own repurposed gas.
Doctor Sob walked passed the sleeping response team and dissolved the wall in front of him. He turned his white tiger into a personal flight suit. Doctor Jacob Sob, left, leaving a message cut into the wall above the exit he made, stating; "Fear no evil." The guard was left holding a hatchet-gun of Doctor Sob's design. The guard and his uniform had been changed back, except for an image that surrounded his right wrist, razor-wire, in solid black, tattooed where he had shot his own hand off.

He dropped the odd looking weapon that had replaced his submachine-gun, and ran to the aid of the response team. The response team members were slowly beginning to regain consciousness. The guard pulled the TM star from the tactical commander's mask and helped him to his feet. Everyone involved was immediately questioned. The guard was rushed away in a white van. The guard's name was Michael Adam Stuart; he was reported to the press as killed in the line of duty defending our freedom. The information the investigators found had made it quickly up the chain of command.o_t_0017
In a hall during a conference, two top officials discussed what would happen concerning Doctor Jacob Sob's recent status. The lower ranking official said; "We can't just kill him!" The higher ranking official replies sternly; "We have a contingency plan for this and we will follow it to the letter. Do I make myself clear?" The lower ranking official answered; "Yes, Ma'am." The women are interrupted by an assistant; "Ma'am, please excuse me, your transportation is ready." The highest ranking official in the group headed toward a launch pad, saying to the assistant; "Get everyone there A.S.A.P."

Four hours had passed; an emergency meeting had taken place on an island retreat. Those that attended the meeting had the highest clearance levels in the world and all there were concerned. The higher ranking woman talked to a group of worried people. They wanted to know what Doctor Jacob Sob was intending on doing. An overweight man sweating in an overpriced suit asked; "Can he be brought in? What is stopping him from killing every one of us right now?" The room went silent. The woman in charge of the case answered; "The contingency plan is named Akilla."

Special Agent Akilla was summoned, at the private meeting with his superior officer is where he first learned of Doctor Jacob Sob's breakdown. Akilla was given his order, to end the threat, "Neutralize Doctor Jacob Sob, if he does not return to face his charges." Akilla, having accepted his mission, and studied the files he was given on Doctor Sob, finds that Doctor Sob is very similar to himself, except for Doctor Sob had worked in the lab. Akilla's talents were better suited for field work. Both men were masters of alpha and beta matter manipulation technologies. Akilla thought to himself; "What are you doing Jacob? What are you going to do?"

Greater Than Words
In an alley, on the opposite side of the bay, a man with a knife threatened a woman. The knife wielding mad man had drawn the attention of a fast approaching Doctor Sob. Doctor Sob, flying in a personal flight suit resembling a large bat, straight at his new guinea pig. Doctor Sob, used high tech ether scanning equipment to locate the crime. The knife wielder noticed a new fear in his victim's eyes, she was looking at something over his right shoulder, and it scared her more than her attacker. He turned to see a giant bat backlit by the full moon. He stabbed in the direction of the flying distraction in an attempt to keep it away from him. He squeaked out; "Stay away!" A shadow in the shape of a bat covered the two on the ground.
The woman screamed, the knife had been taken out of the man's hand by one of two bats she seen come from the giant bat's wrist. She watched in awe, as the bat holding the knife it took from the attacker, flew past its reflection in her eyes. The second of the two bats, smacked into the face of the newly disarmed man.
The bat, firmly attached itself to the disarmed man's face, and began to pump out a knock-out-gas. The knock-out gasses formula was acquired and replicated from a sample taken earlier that day; taken, when the Doctor disabled the first response team sent to stop him. The response team, having failed in keeping him from leaving with the technology he now possessed, were undergoing interrogation and debriefing. The man that had once held a woman against her will, by knife-point, fell unconscious, and blissfully forgot his addiction for a moment.
Equal and Opposite
Wake up." Said a voice in the blackness. "You are of little use as you had been." The voice was louder and the sleeping man woke to the sight of a large bat coming out of the darkness. The Doctor was removing a bat faced helmet and revealing another mask underneath. A mask of his daughters favorite movie monster, the clown named Creepy.
The sounds of gurgled whining escaped the newly awoken man's full mouth. The man's mouth was filled with millions of nano processors. The nano scale processors break down and three dimensionally print new bio as well as elemental objects. He was being held up in the air against his will. He looked like a marionette in the hands of a puppeteer. The attacker was holding his knife again, yet powerless to use it. Doctor Sob looked him in the eyes and told the frightened man; " You are going to change."
Then, changed the man into a large black cat. Doctor Sob's bat suit changed back into the dragon, it picked up the black cat, and the cat puked up a human skull and carried in its claws, as they flew away.
Doctor Jacob Sob had sent his horrific combination on a mission, to set fire a warehouse containment vessel that held information the Doctor did not want to be known.
The dragon was carrying the black cat and they were flinging flamming human skulls onto a container in the predetermined warehouse.
A relatively new fire fighting unit was dispatched to the fire. The units name was F.R.E.D. standing for fire, rescue, emergency, droid. The autonomous or piloted robot that looks like a puppy in a fireman's uniform, a robot capable of going into dangerous areas, retrieving victims from where they are trapped or injured, and doing so in ways that a man alone can not. The invention known as F.R.E.D. was a project Doctor Sob had worked on.
On that mission, F.R.E.D. saved the day, the media played up how many animals in the shelter next door to the warehouse had been saved. Saved, because of the warehouse fire being put out by the robot that looks like a puppy. The only thing that was damaged was a container. The container had been completely destroyed. The news played the fire fighting robots story locally that night. F.R.E.D. had even found the arsonist cowering in the corner of the warehouse, with a knife, and the black lighter he was suspected of using to start the fire. Then, a brief mention of some top leaders meeting. The top leaders were talking about Doctor Sob at that very moment.
Doctor Jacob Sob sent three flying grim reapers with a message to his ex-bosses. They were startled when they made themselves known amongst the well guarded people. The video they had brought and shown was of Doctor Sob, dressed as Creepy, sitting on a horned throne. Doctor Sob spoke, from the top of his frightening spade throne, saying; "I am Sob." The three grim reapers just sit there, cross-legged, doing nothing from that point on. He continued about a global effort to provide an ocean and space debris clean-up plan. The clean-up effort, used video game playing adults and children to pilot remote controlled craft, gathering the hazardous waste material for reuse. Sob concluded; "I do not wish to be bothered. I will contact you when I am ready to include you further." No one on Earth knew where Sob was, he was not on Earth. Sob had created a stealth space ship from a junk yards scrap.
The craft was traveling at great speeds toward a mining operation on an asteroid near Jupiter's second largest moon. Sob was preparing an invasion team to sneak up on his unsuspecting target.
The Price
Sob approached a large floating rock with a dome on it. His troops consisted of gorilla soldiers that have snipper monkeys inside of them. He had made them from drug dealers he saved from a shoot out.
The snipper monkey, exits out the back of the gorilla under the neck line. From the perched position, the snipper monkey could take aim while the gorilla was in transit, climbing, running, or galloping; an efficient weapon system. Doctor Sob made spiders fitted with pulse rifles on their backs and prepared them for their part of the attack.o_t_0030
The spiders were deployed first, as a goo-cloud, slowly they rained down onto the dome's outer membrane. The soft clouds of nano-bot goo were lain dormant as programed. They waited to be gathered by the dome's cleaning system. Anything that had a threatening reading or came in dangerously fast was vaporized by the dome's overpowered defense system. The cleaning system works as expected and the nano-bot goo was wiped into a disposal, away from the effectiveness of the dome's lasers, the nano-bot goo began to harden into exoskeletons, and weapons of a squad of spiders. Once the spider's armor hardened, they went to work disabling the dome's defences for Sob's team to get in.

An alarm sounded, the dome's security force consisting of two raptor jockeys, the science officer assigned to assist from a control room, and a robot centipede prepared for action. Sob's spiders succeeded in shutting down the dome's defenses; the gorillas infiltrated the unprotected dome and overpowered the raptor jockeys, whom fought valiantly.

"The kingdom of heaven is at hand." Sob quoted out loud to his prisoners. He then proceeded to show them a plan to use a gamma ray to print matter from energy, quoting Einstein's Theory of Relativity; "Energy is equal to mass times the velocity of light squared." Doctor Sob made some modifications to the dome and ordered the inhabitants to continue their work as usual.
Sob's daughter was left in the dome with a nanny and body guards to protect, entertain, and teach her. Sob returned to Earth much faster then it took him to get to the dome on the asteroid.
The new power source mined from the asteroid had made him extremely powerful.
The first thing he did when he landed on Earth was to send his daughter a message, from Creepy. He told his spoiled looking daughter on the screen; "I will be back in time to take you to the dance."
Dome Defender
Akilla's assembled team hunts Doctor Jacob Sob to the dome on the mining asteroid. Sob had already left.
Sob's daughter escapes, using her Dad's contingency plan that she took the liberty of modifying herself. The narrow departure of Sob's daughter, left Akilla and his team stranded momentarily on the asteroid, to fight for their lives while searching for clues and a way home. The dome unleashed its horrors upon Akilla and his unprepared team. Sob continued with his plan on Earth.
Home Coming
Back in Earth's atmosphere, Sob's daughter was met by her dad, but Sob was not the only one aware of her return.
Sob's refusal to surrender, results in an attempt on his life that would have destroyed a nearby city, but Sob's utilization of the blast's energy redirected it to build a space bridge the people of the city could live in.
Sob's daughter was sent to a friend of the family under an umbrella that masked her direction and true location.
Things get odd and draw unwanted attention.
Ribbon is recruited to the team.

Fear and Power
Things change.